How to upgrade? (was Re: A modest PEP0238 suggestion)

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Sat Jul 28 12:02:21 EDT 2001

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>It's slowly dawning on me that some people don't ship Python *with* their
>apps.  What are you, nuts <0.9 wink>?  From PySol to Zope, everyone who
>gives a rip about stability ships the software they develop with.

This ignores the reality of hosted applications.  When I got back from
OSCON, I found a little announcement from my ISP -- normally clueful --
that said they'd just installed Python 1.6.1 and were planning to make
it the default version in a week....

What I found particularly screwey in this situation is that they already
had 2.0 installed.  <sigh>  Well, now I have to write a long missive
detailing the issues involved with all the Python versions after 1.5.2.
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