Re-sizing images in Python?

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Sat Jul 14 20:35:39 EDT 2001

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> I would like to write a script that can process all the files in a directory
> and resize the images to a specified size (passed in as an argument).
> However, I am not sure if this is a task that Python 2.1 can perform or if
> it is, which library to use.

This is not difficult to do using the Python Imaging Library.
If you are doing significant size reductions, you probably want to smooth 
the image a little first to avoid pixelization problems.

Contact me by email if you want me to send you some code I wrote to do this 
as part of a web photo gallery generation applet (see for results). My program uses 
Mac-specific user interface code so would require significant modification 
to run on your PC, but the image resizing stuff should be pretty portable.
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