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Tue Jul 10 21:29:45 CEST 2001

jcm wrote:
> Pete Shinners <shredwheat at> wrote:
> ...
> > for doing a MUD, the language speed is not going to have
> > much noticeable effect, since network speed is far slower
> > than any of the languages can handle.
> This isn't necessarily true.  If you have a lot of objects with state
> that changes often (wandering monsters, etc), computation-speed can
> become an issue.

I still don't see why python wouldn't be up to the job.
If things are working well but too slowly, it's time to think about

A good quote:
 "Optimization is simply waste of programmer time if any of these statements are

    parts of the program haven't been written yet 
    the program is not fully tested and debugged 
    it seems to run fast enough already" 

I forget where I got that quote.

So, first, make sure everything works.
Then write a test script that hits the server hard, and run the server under the
python profiler.

Then, once you know what the slow parts are, go to the FAQ wizard:

...and search for "optimize". There's lots of good info in there.

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