modifying sys.path on win98...?

Steve Holden sholden at
Mon Jul 2 14:52:20 EDT 2001

See and read about the sitecustomize module. It isn't a perfect
solution, but it helps.


"Dennis Voss" <dennis at> wrote in message
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> > I'm trying to update the sys.path for python on win98...
> >
> > I altered the registry, under local machine, seemingly correct. But
> > when I access the sys.path to check it, my alterations don't show,
> > even after rebooting.
> >
> > I can use sys.path.append, but the change only lasts until I close
> > python. Then it reverts back to its original state.
> >
> > How do I make the alteration 'permanent' ?
> You can't.
> Windows 9x does not store the enviroment variables in the registry
> as Win NT does. The only permanent keys are created in the
> autoexec.bat file. When you start an application or a DOS box,
> Windows copies the env.vars to your "sandbox" and destroys that
> information when your program ends.
> The only alternative in MS way seems to be the registry, but that also
> has disadvantages, i.e. the files storing the data don't shrink when you
> delete
> information in the registry.
> Bad, I know - Blame MS. I asked the same question in the helpdesk on
> this years CeBIT (we needed that for network scripts, my old teacher
> didn't
> want to change his Novell scripts) resulting in the above answer (=no)
> Dennis

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