Eiffel better than Python ?

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.nospamnet
Tue Jul 3 09:40:29 EDT 2001

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sholden at holdenweb.com says...
> You're lucky you didn't read a book that told you jumping in the river was a
> good thing, otherwise you'd be pretty wet by now...
> Seriously. You have to use your own judgment on these matters. Clearly there
> are things "wrong" with every programming language. It's a matter of which
> suits your purposes best.
> Alternatively: "Yes, Eiffel is much better than anything else. Especially
> for air traffic control systems" :-)
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>  Steve
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I wonder if the annual Dataquest language survey, if it still exists, 
that showed that more "programmers" used Basic in it's various flavors 
then all other languages combined still shows that... hmm, is that a 
reason to use Basic? After all, supposedly 80% of all business apps are 
written in Basic - presumably Visual Basick since they've pretty 
effectively killed off that entire market segment. Personally, I think 
i'd rather take up a career as William Park ;)

Dave LeBlanc

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