Deposing Dictators

Joal Heagney s713221 at
Wed Jul 25 21:25:34 EDT 2001

Pat Knight wrote:

> As recently as yesterday it appeared Guido wasn't listening. Having seen his
> posts today on the subject of both integer division and case-sensitivity, I now
> think he was listening and *thinking*. In other words, waiting until he'd
> considered what the rioting masses were asking for before responding.
> I'm much happier now with his current positions on both these issues, and feel
> that they show he has listened.
> I'd also like to complement Guido on having the grace and courage to do what
> he feels right and best for the language, in the face of some uncalled for
> ad-hominem remarks. I'm particularly impressed that he's able to modify his
> position publicly in circumstances where another might have stuck to their guns
> to "save face."
> Well done, Guido.

Here here. Now, I have contributed to the flames in my own small way by
asking questions and suggesting "preferred solutions" without knowing
the full details, so I'd like to apologise to Guido if I/we've made
things difficult for him recently. 

The way I see it - I've never built my own language, so I'm perhaps not
the best authority to dictate how a language should be grown - I'd be
terrified if Guido didn't have final say. I will continue to comment on
my experiences with python (Which are mainly positive.) but I fully
expect Guido and compatriots to be there to actually sift the wheat from
the chaff.
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