Is there a K&R on Python?

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.nospamnet
Fri Jul 6 15:24:16 EDT 2001

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jkraska1 at says...
> >I'm looking for a Python book to use as a desktop reference on the core
> >language (rather than the library, available modules, third party
> >toolkits, etc), neither a tutorial nor something meant for language
> >lawyers only. Something analogous in style to Kernighan & Ritchie's "The
> >C Programming Language" would be perfect. Any suggestions?
> _Python Essential Reference_ did it for me. No pedantics on "this is what
> a for loop is for." 100% meat. This is a great book if you're already a programmer
> but you "just want to learn Python, shut up about the loop introductions already." :-)
> C//
I agree with couragous: this is _the_ book to have while stuck at 50,000 
feet on a 12 hour trans-pacific flight. Of course, if you're at work 
programming hard and don't want to flip over to the python online doc, 
it's quite invaluable in that context too.

Make sure you get the 2nd edition so you get the most complete coverage 
of python 2.x features.

Dave LeBlanc

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