Going from webscripting to server-client software.

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 Stephen <shriek at gmx.co.uk> wrote:

>Now, in order to test your example, I've downloaded OmniOrbpy and am 
>about to install OmniOrb 3.x, as described at 
>It specifies that the pre-built binaries work for winNT/98 and uses 
>Python 1.52. Will try with win2000 and Python 2.1 but was wondering
>if you know of any changes/differences ? 

That page is talking about the Python requirements for the C++ version
of omniORB. If you only want to use Python, you don't need to install
the full version of omniORB 3. The omniORBpy binaries contain
everything you need.

There are pre-built binaries of omniORBpy for Python 2.1 on Windows.
If you use the Python 1.5.2 version of the binaries with Python 2.1,
Python will crash horribly.



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