Threading.Event w/ timeout veeeeeery slow on win32?

Ville Vainio vvainio at
Fri Jul 13 01:34:17 EDT 2001

Greg Copeland <gtcopeland at> writes:

> If this is on NT 4, I've done a fair amount of multithreaded com work

No, this is Win2k.

> requested and what they system delivered.  You probably should validate
> this isn't a loaded NT problem first before you start trying to locate
> the issue in python.

The system was quite lightly loaded, and besides, waits *without*
timeout were triggered extremely quickly. At the moment my program
uses waits without timeout and triggers the events every now and then
on a seperate thread - which seems to work quite well, but is a
needless complication. Perhaps I could use sched and make this thread
more generic (to implement my own version of wait-with-timeout) but I
would still rather take a "native" solution, too bad it doesn't seem
to work.

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