Python for air traffic control?

Russ 18k11tm001 at
Tue Jul 3 00:44:04 EDT 2001

Just for the record, Mr. Park is publicly posting my private replies
to him. I guess I should have expected something like that from him.
I'm sure you all understand that I don't like being called an "idiot"
for asking a general question about the suitability of Python for a
certain type of application.

Also for the record, it is probably unlikely that Python will actually
be used for the application I mentioned. It is not yet considered an
"established" language by the FAA. However, I am open to new ideas and
I am willing to advocate it if I am convinced that it is the right
language for the job. Before doing so, however, I need to be fairly

You must also understand, of course, that the safety-critical
application I am referring will not actually be deployed in a critical
mode for several years at least, during which time it will be
thoroughly and completely tested. Believe me, I'm talking about more
testing than you think. It will first be used for years as a
non-critical back-up for (human) controllers before it is ever used as
a primary means of assuring separation.

As for Mr. Park's childish question about "which city I work at," what
can I say? Here in the U.S., ATC is obviously the responsibility of
the federal government. I suggest he move to Mongolia so he can be
safe. (That don't have access to comp.lang.python there, do they?)

William Park <opengeometry at> wrote in message news:<mailman.994128604.28588.python-list at>...
> On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 07:23:57PM -0700, Russ Paielli wrote:
> > "William Park opengeometry at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" wrote:
> > 
> > > On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 05:38:04PM -0700, Russ wrote:
> > > > Yes, you are missing something: my question. I asked about the
> > > > feasibility of using Python for a safety-critical application. I
> > > > didn't ask for a fifth-grade-level analysis of the problem. Trust me:
> > > > you don't have a clue. BTW, I scored in the top 1% in the math section
> > > > of the Graduate Records Exam. How did you do?
> > >
> > > I trust you.  Which city did you say you were working at?
> > 
> > Which "city am I working at"?  Boy, you really ARE stupid, aren't you?
> > The GRE score is fact.
> It would be helpful to me to know which airport you intend to write this
> Python code for.

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