proposed language change to int/int==float (was: PEP0238 lament)

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Mon Jul 23 20:53:28 CEST 2001

In article <tclolt053o18f8q0ntb7n4aggitdkmeg4h at>, Steve Horne wrote:

>On Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:46:20 -0500, Skip Montanaro
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>>completely foreign to people.  After years of bit rot in their
>>brains due to calculator crutches they may need a minute to
>>refresh, that should be all.
>My calculator supports integers - and not with a second integer
>button, I just set the mode and it all works happy.

And I'll bet cash money that the "integer divide" key and the
"float divide" key are one-in-the-same button.  The operation
is determined by the type of the operands (the "mode").

What I don't understand is why polymorphism is all of a sudden
an evil, nasty thing in the Python world -- something that must
be banished at all costs (even if we have to change one of the
basic mathematical operators and break existing programs).

Are the rulers of the Python Kingdom going to ban all
polymorphism?  I thought it was one of the _stregnths_ of
Python, and here we are trying to stamp it out!

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