An unspeakable act

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Jul 10 19:34:21 CEST 2001

    Lyle> Even though the main PSA page has moved this link still works (as
    Lyle> of this morning):


    Lyle> Hope this helps,

A few updates to that list:

    * Automatrix technology was bought a few years ago by Mojam
      (  Yes, we still use Python.

    * InfoSeek got bought by (I think), part of Disney's empire.  I
      believe is on the way out, with their search engine technology
      now provided by

    * got bought by Yahoo and is now

    * DataViews got bought by GE Fanuc Automation.  Not sure how much Python
      is still used there.

I'm sure there are other changes worth noting, but you could mention to your
boss that GE, Disney and Yahoo (at least) all used Python at one point. ;-)

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