Really Python leaks?

Vesselin Iliev Peev VesselinPeev at
Wed Jul 18 08:57:44 EDT 2001

I just used the new version of Insure++ 6.0 (a debugging and memory analysis 
I've been amazed that there were leaks reported in a simple application of 
mine that embeds Python. The application is really simple (i.e I simplified it 
to reduce the chance of error) and is equivalent to the embedding example 
under the demo directory of the new Python 2.0.1 source distribution. I 
correctly initialize and shut down the interpreter.

I hope this is somehow not true, and perhaps Insure++ is incorrectly reporting 
these, but has anyone tested Python in this way with a similar tool?

I'm using Visual C++ 6.0 Service Pack 5. By the way, the interesting thing is 
that there are a few leaks in the runtime library, too.
If this letter seems impertinent or incompetent to some of you, please excuse 
me and tell me why.
I'm new to Python and just decided to ask.

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