Short form of file names

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Sat Jul 7 03:38:06 CEST 2001

Mikhail Astafiev wrote:

> [Env: Win2k, Win98, Python 1.52]
> Hi!
> Is there some Python module for converting Windows long paths to short
> form, i.e. 8.3? os.path.normpath() does not do this..

 >>> win32api.FindFiles("F:\\Program Files")[0][9]

[0] is the index into the list of filenames (only 1 in this case).  Each 
file has a tuple of information about the file - element 9 is the short 

Note that the returned value does _not_ include the path component. 
Thus, to get a short name of the directory structure too, each directly 
must be checked manually.

Later versions of Windows have a GetShortPathName() (or something like 
that) but it is not in win32api yet.


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