An unspeakable act

Fernando Pereira fcnpereira at
Wed Jul 11 15:34:58 EDT 2001

In article <9ihu2i013a3 at>, Alex Martelli
<aleaxit at> wrote:
> The lack of genericity in Java (I've been heard that it was due
> to be fixed "soon" for a few years now -- I've even used a good
> genericity-on-top-of-Java thingy called Pizza, but it was so
> clearly stamped as experimental that there was no chance I could
> use it for production work) is, IMHO, its #1 current defect.

As someone who has written a lot of Java and read even more over the
last 16 months, I totally agree. Pizza has ben superseded by GJ
(Generic Java), which is the current "Java community process" proposal
for adding generics to Java. I hope it gets adopted soon.


-- F

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