Distributed computing using SOAP. What about speed ?

Duncan Grisby dgrisby at uk.research.att.com
Thu Jul 26 11:43:54 CEST 2001

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 Thomas Weholt <thomas at gatsoft.no> wrote:

>From the responses to my question it seems like SOAP and XML-RPC might not
>fit the bill at all. Corba and similar solutions are mentioned. But my
>project is a pure python package. Wanting to implement a small distributed
>information sharing network, with very small and simple user-nodes cannot
>include a Corba-server installation on each of the clients, unless it's
>implemented in pure python and small in size. Is that possible/available?

None of the CORBA implementations for Python are pure Python. Fnorb is
close, but it contains a small amount of C.

However, given that your project requires Python, which is a binary
package, I'm not sure that requiring the installation of another
binary package is a big deal.

If you must stick with pure Python, you might look at these two:

  DOPY:  http://www.users.cloud9.net/~proteus/dopy/welcome.html
  Pyro:  http://www.xs4all.nl/~irmen/pyro.html

They are both Python specific distributed object systems relatively
similar to CORBA. I've no idea what the performance is like, but they
are likely to be faster than the XML based protocols.



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