RELEASED: Python 2.1.1

Robin Becker robin at
Fri Jul 20 14:39:02 EDT 2001

In article <mailman.995648778.17379.python-list at>, Guido van
Rossum <guido at> writes
>I've released Python 2.1.1 today.  This is the final version of this
>bugfix release for Python 2.1, and should be fully compatible with
>Python 2.1.  There should be *no* reason to use 2.1 any more.  Many
>thanks to Thomas Wouters for being the release manager!  Pick up your
>copy here:
>Python 2.1.1 is GPL-compatible.  This means that it is okay to
>distribute Python binaries linked with GPL-licensed software; Python
>itself is not released under the GPL but under a less restrictive
>license which is Open Source compliant.
>PS: I've noticed some disarray of mail sent through; this
>seems to have to do with the dysfunctional ORBS "spam-checker".  See
> for
>--Guido van Rossum (home page:
very nice I'm certain, the windows install exe is only 37k longer than
that for 2.1, but what makes the .tgz increase from 4275323 to 6187808?
Robin Becker

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