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Curtis Jensen cjensen at
Thu Jul 19 00:57:13 CEST 2001

Jeff Shannon wrote:
> Curtis Jensen wrote:
> > additional_kwds = {'prob': None, 'datum': None, 'elements':
> > <cont_classes.Elements.Elements instance at 103849c0>, 'nodes':
> > <cont_classes.Nodes.Nodes instance at 10384750>}
> >
> > def Elements( self, at, deformed, iact, normal, xi, nelist, nodes,
> > elements, *args, **kwds ):
> You have an argument of Elements named 'nodes'.  You are also passing in an
> additional keyword argument that is *also* named 'nodes'.  Rename either one
> of these, and see if the problem goes away...
> Jeff Shannon
> Technician/Programmer
> Credit International

The nodes in the additional_kwds is meant to match up with the nodes
argument in the Elements function.  There is also an elements value in
the additional_kwds dictionary and an elements in the arguments list. 
These two are also meant to match up.  I could have appended nodes onto
cmd[1] and then appended elements to cmd[1], but it's simpler this way.

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