Is this a true statement: Part III

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Tue Jul 3 14:33:24 CEST 2001

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> Hello,
> Ok, I rescind my previous conclusion that the answer to this question,
> "Python can do everything C++ can do but just slower." is "Excluding
> device drivers the answer is a clear yes."
> The thing that I found interesting about the Part II posts were the
> things said about the C language.  Is C that much different than C++?  Why

C-89 is basically a subset of C++.  C-99 isn't, but I doubt many of
us have yet any significant experience with C-99 (no fully compliant
compilers yet, for example).

> the leaning towards C over C++?  I thought C++ was supposed to be the 'New
> and Improved C.'

C is simpler than C++, since the latter does everything the former
does plus much, MUCH more.  If one values simplicity enough (or,
to put it differently, if one abhors complications badly enough)
then I guess one may hate C++ while tolerating C.  I don't really
agree myself (I do loathe complication, but C++ gives me top speed
AND the possibility reasonably high-level programming at the same
time, and I really have no alternative when I do need both).


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