FEEDBACK WANTED: Type/class unification

Guido van Rossum guido at
Sun Jul 29 19:14:00 EDT 2001

Hernan M. Foffani <hfoffani at> writes:

> I hope this msg is not too far away from what you expected

This is great feedback -- it shows you read and understood this
sufficiently to find typos!

> If I understood the unification correctly, in
> where it reads:
>     >>> print a.keys()
>     [1, 2, 3, '__builtins__', 'x']
> the 3 is a typo, right?

Yup.  I'll fix the example so that 3 is not a typo here. :-)

> And where it says,
>     But notice this:
>      class E(C):
>         def foo(x, y): # override
>             print " called"
> Isn't a call to "foo = classmethod(foo)" missing after that?
> If so, in the PEP the call is missing too.

Correct on both counts again.

> One minor suggestion:
> I think it would help if you set a convention for the name
> of the first argument in classmethods. Like self for standard
> methods. Well, even self can "work" here, too.

I think 'self' would be confusing.  I'd like to propose 'cls'.

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