Running an .exe file with python

Jeff Shannon jeff at
Sat Jun 23 01:55:42 CEST 2001

Christian Reyes wrote:

> you should try the os.execv method
> >>> os.execv('c:\\yourapp.exe')
> christian
> "Steve Keri" <thefireinside at> wrote in message
> news:ea903c3a.0106221412.641fcf3 at
> > Is there a way i can run an .exe file and install a program using
> > python? please help

Or possibly

>>> os.system("c:\\yourapp.exe")

I seem to remember something in the docs regarding execv & family,
and how their behavior differs between unix & win32, but don't recall
details offhand--you can always check the library reference for info
on the os module.

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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