bad python display

Holland King insanc at
Fri Jun 15 19:59:36 CEST 2001

sorry for the cross-posting but i am not real sure what is causing the
i have a python program using the tkinter module to create a gui. my
local system is running woody debian with kde. i am running the program
on a soloris box. on both my system and the solaris system i am using the
same version of ssh, python, and tkinter lib. the problem is when i try 
to export the display from the solaris box to my local machine all i get
is the frame and half the boxes and buttons. when i run it locally i get
the correct display and when i try to export the display on other machines
i get the correct display. i think it has something to do with ssh, but i
have tried everything i can think of. can anyone think of what might be
causing the display on my machine to be unusable?
ssh -V == 2.5.2p1 
python -v == 1.5
tkinter -v == 1.127
thank you.

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