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Eric Merritt cyberlync at
Sat Jun 30 10:55:41 EDT 2001

> That's a strange thing to hold against a language.
> How does it affect
> you? I could build an executable for you in either
> Java or Python that
> was indistinguishable from one that was native code
> compiled without
> disassembling it.
> If your complaint is that Java (or Python) is too
> slow, I think you
> should say that. If your complaint is that you can't
> write standalone
> binaries in it (you can), you should say that. I'd
> like to understand
> what you really need so I can tell you whether
> Python has what you need
> or not.

 I wasn't trashing java as a language (or python for
that matter) they are both good languages, python
being better in my opinion. My complaint was about
speed. Most of the time the speed of java and python
is adiquate, but sometimes I require speed. Also it
would be nice to get a big speed increase by just
compiling. Anyhow, I did not meen it as a complaint
just a nice thing to have.

> Creating a compiler for Python is difficult and as
> it isn't really
> needed to accomplish most people's goals, nobody has
> done it. We could
> put a bunch of effort into it but we'd come back to
> that executable that
> is basically indistinguishable from the one I could
> give you today
> without the compiler.

 Thats why I asked. Thanks four your reply.

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