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>"David C. Ullrich" wrote:
>> That's assuming that physics is not all wrong. And
>> probably I should not have said what I did the
>> way I did, because my impression is that there
>> is really no such thing as complete information
>> about a physical system.
>Last I heard, the "hidden variable" theory was disproved by the Bell
>Inequality. I.e., there's no information in a system that is just
>invisible but really controlling when the atom will decay. Instead, that
>information just isn't there. Apparently, you can actually do
>experiments to tell the difference. <boggle ;->

Boggle indeed. Actually the "no-hidden-variables theorem" goes
back to before Bell (I think to VN); coming up with that
inequality and the experiment to test it was kind of incredible.

I forget where I saw this:

"Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of."

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