Re. PythonCard - was Re: Event-driven GUIs ...

Kevin Altis altis at
Wed Jun 20 00:02:06 EDT 2001

Well, I started a separate mailing list.

Joining the list is a relatively small hurdle, so hopefully a reasonable
number of people will join and start discussing. I'll act as fearless leader
until someone else wants the job or sets up a better area for discussion. I
think this idea is at least worth taking through the early idea and design
phases. If it still looks good and there is consensus on the direction then
we can get started on coding.


"Ron Stephens" <rdsteph at> wrote in message
news:3B2EC98E.FE0F1B6E at
> Sigh, sounds like we got a lot of folks, of whom I am by far the worst,
> would love to contribute. I would think the hardest part would be to find
> couple of truly competent leaders, who are expert programmers, sort of our
> mini-Linus's or Guido's. The leaders could then moderate the "toolkit
wars" and
> make final decisions.
> My guess is it might be extraordinarily hard to find such leaders for an
> source project like this ;-(((((.
> One could only suggest Roman Suzi and Neil Hodgson since they were the
first two
> to mention HyperCard. (and it sounds like they know what they're talking
> Anyway, should anyone be foolish enough to reluctantly volunteer as
> leaders, it looks like they could expect  lot of eager followers...
> Of course one would hope that some of the followers could actually produce
> code...;-)))))
> rs
> Neil Hodgson wrote:
> > Ron Stephens:
> > > Of course, each person undoubtedly has a different set of concepts in
> > > when he thinks of "PythonCard"..still, an intriguing amount of
interest in
> > 24
> > > hours...
> >
> >    I'd like, at least initially, a fairly straight clone of HyperCard
> > with true colour graphics. While my other open-source activities don't
> > much time for contributing, I'd be able to do a script editor /
> >
> >    Is it time to have the toolkit war?
> >
> >    How suitable would ZODB be as the persistence back end?
> >
> >    Neil

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