How do you develop in Python?

Chris Barker chrishbarker at
Fri Jun 8 17:33:57 EDT 2001

Gerrit Muller wrote:

> I understand the problem from implementers point of view.

Being a free softwaqre project, the implimenters are the users. As a
rule, free software is very good when it is software for programmers,
and not so good when it is for "naive" users. The general response form
developers that I have gotten when asking for this feature is: "It would
be a lot of work, adn I don't really need it, so I'm not going to do it.
Feel free to work it out and contribute it yourself." I don't have the
time or skills to do that, so until someone does that wants the feature,
it won't happen.

> Hunting for the CP4E vision requires thinking from
> "naive" programmer point of view. Some brilliant idea appears to be
> necessary to satisfy this need, without making the IDE's too complex.
sure, but with no funding for CP4E, who's going to impliment them?

> Thinking out loudly: For many naive users the automated stop/restart might
> be fully acceptable, while it might also be simple to implement.

It's not easy, because the IDE uses the saem interpreter.

> Although,
> how much unexpected state needs to be persistent, like open files and
> windows; when would this same naive user start hating to see windows
> disappear and reappear? May-be it is already too complex ).

Yes, they would. Starting and re-starting the entire IDE really would be

Gerrit, you and I are on the same page here, but for some reason, the
ability to run a program "from scratch" doesn't seem to be important
enough to the IDE developers for them to put the work into making it
possible. I think that's because it is a lot of work.


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