Standalone .exe's using installer/builder question

Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Jun 21 17:43:01 CEST 2001

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Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> wrote:
>>C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\temp\ -tk
>Yes. Due to a Windows problem, you have to say:
>python C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\temp\ -tk
>or the command line args don't make it to
>- Gordon

Let me be sure I understand:  it's not a "problem" in the
sense that there is a fault specific to the installer or
Python that anyone expects to change, right?  Windows is
*designed* in such a way that natural installations, in
effect, discard command-line arguments--correct?

Incidentally, I believe there's a tweak we can make to the
Windows installation (basically, complexifying some of the
data inserted in the Registry) to allow such shortcuts to
work as those of us coming from Unix expect.  I've never
pursued it, out of fear for what could go wrong once we
get intimate with the Registry.

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