Plotting Surfaces with GnuPlot-Python??

John J. Lee phrxy at
Wed Jun 6 07:32:32 EDT 2001

On 5 Jun 2001, Prem Rachakonda wrote:

> Hi,
>   I have a problem in plotting contours/surfaces. The problem
> description is as follows:
> I have the above matrix z of size [100,5000], each value representing
> the height in z-axis(5000 points in x multiplied by 100 scans in y)
> I have three matrices now, x[5000], and y[100] and z[100,5000]
> And I would like to plot the contour(surface) with this x,y,z data.
> My python code goes like this:(Only a part of it is displayed here)

To be honest, I don't want to try and debug your program remotely: please
try and reduce your problem to something simple (and preferably illustrate
it with a program that doesn't have lots of 'magic numbers' in it).
Please cut and paste rather than than typing it in by hand, too.

Can you get a simple surface plot with the couple of lines of code I
posted two days ago?


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