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Tue Jun 12 18:23:46 EDT 2001

"D-Man" <dsh8290 at> wrote in message
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> Some dinosaurs aren't all that old ;-).  I don't think the shell on
> NT/2000 is any better, except maybe the screen drawing is less buggy
> (helps for bash, vim, less, man, mutt, etc.).

Oh come on, we just went over this -- would you rather have:
    C:\> peep 2>err.txt
run peep with stderr redirection, a la NT, or run peep with
stdout redirected and an argument of 2, a la 95/98, for
example...?!  And how can a shell where you can run directly "not be any better" than one where you
just *can't* extend the range of executable extensions?
Again, NT is the former, 95/98 the latter.  Specifically,
cmd.exe in one case, in the other.  And
don't let me get started about how the *consoles* (not
strictly a shell problem, but that's where you run shells)
behave for copy and paste in the two systems, etc, etc... !!!

bash may well be better than either, but that's no excuse
for ignoring the large differences between them.  And
they're all in NT/cmd.exe's favor...


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