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Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Jun 17 14:52:47 EDT 2001

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Bill Bell <bill-bell at> wrote:
> > Gotta love this list.
> > Brain teasers. Friendly discussion. Intellectual diversion. ... and
> > tips about newly available porno sites.
> And conspiracies! Don't forget about the conspiracies, like the PSU's plan
> to send a

I don't understand why you always insist on writing the acronym in full
like that.  Isn't it obvious that when you do, their scanners are going
to flag the message and they'll be able to cut you off?  

After they cut off my net-access several months ago, I've spent a lot of
time thinking about this.  I've come up with what I think is a fool-proof
way to prevent the pee ess you from censoring our posts.  What you need
to do is described in my page at http://www.

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