Python VC++ integration / COM question

Nick Trout nickatvideosystemdotcodotuk
Fri Jun 29 17:42:19 CEST 2001

I'm trying to write an addin for Vis C++ so that I can hit a button and run
Python scripts. Then, using automation, the script can control/edit VisC.
eg. to add comments and do source code processing.

I'm a bit new to COM. I found the useful win32com Makepy utility to generate
a wrapped for the TextEditor type library. I've looked at the examples and I
can automate Word but I'm having trouble with VisC. I cant seem to
create/grab an application object. Is this possible? Or do I somehow have to
pass the Application COM object from the AddIn to Python so that it can
automate VisC?

Are there any simple examples of how to use the modules generated by Makepy?
It may be I'm just confused about their functionality!

Any help/pointers very gratefully received.


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