qt or gtk?

Rainy sill at optonline.net
Sun Jun 17 00:31:07 EDT 2001

On Sat, 16 Jun 2001 15:35:23 +0200, Dominic <oblivious at web.de> wrote:
> Rainy wrote:
>> I want to learn python gui programming in linux. I think tk looks too ugly, so
>> I narrowed down the choice to two main contenders, qt and gtk. Which of these
>> has more complete and up-to-date python bindings? Are there other reasons
>> to prefer one of these over another for python gui work?
> The QT toolkit is technically better (quality of code). So some time
> has passed since I had compared them. But I do not know how good
> or bad the bindings are. I suggest you should use the tk toolkit
> it seems to have a good binding and comes with the standard
> python distribution. And the TCL/TK toolkit has a high quality.
> So TK would be best in my humble opinion, and QT second.
> (QT is not completely free but that doesn't make it bad, actually
> it's the best X- Toolkit for C++ programming.)
> Ciao,
>  Dominic

Thanks for the answer, but I did mention that I don't like how tk looks..
I can't really pinpoint what is it that annoys me in tk, but somehow
it looks like win3.1 to me, while qt and gtk look as good or better than
window95+ widgets.. Does anyone else get this anachronistic 'feel' from

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