PEP 255: Simple Generators

Just van Rossum just at
Fri Jun 22 04:14:17 EDT 2001

Glyph Lefkowitz wrote:
> Stackless is problematic, but I think that an implementation
> similiar to that of generators could give us microthreads.
> When I get back from vacation I'll write up a PEP; if you'd
> like to give me a hand, feel free to drop me an email :)

Neil Schemenauer wrote:
> This would indeed be great news.  I've spent quite a bit of time
> thinking about this and the stackless approach is best solution I
> can think of.

It sure is. The other good news is that if "all" we want is
microthreads and coroutines, and forget about multi-shot
continuations, stackless would become quite a bit simpler, as
quite a bit of code and quite a bit of the overall design of
stackless came from Christian's desire for multi-shot
(reusable) continuations.

I think PEP 255 is extremely important for the future of
stackless, as it exposes many similar issues to a much larger
audience, but on a much smaller scale, in a more understandable
way. In other words: understanding PEP 255 and it's implementation
makes the things that stackless offers much less obscure, so
there's a much better chance of Python adapting something not
quite unlike stackless...


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