Invoking Python COM server as 'local' server

Bill Bell bill-bell at
Fri Jun 8 16:25:46 EDT 2001

> Bill Bell wrote:
> > To my understanding, one usually builds a local COM server as an
> > EXE. However, a Python COM server is neither a DLL nor an EXE; it's
> > a PY. So how the heck does the Python COM machinery decide whether
> > to create an in-process server or a local server, particularly when
> > the default _reg_clsctx provides for registration of a server as
> > both?

My thanks to Messrs Don Dwiggins, Mark Hammond and Gregory 
Smith for their advice and information are overdue. Truth is, I'm just 
returning to this task.

I have read almost all of "Python Programming on Win32" with real 
pleasure (which is rare enough where software books are involved). 
Unfortunately in my haste to get work done I skipped over the part 
of the COM chapter to do with remote servers and therefore missed 
the information about how the software decides between an in-
process and a local server.

Thanks again!

Bill Bell, Software Developer

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