Any tool for code coverage analysis on Python program

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Jun 12 15:57:00 EDT 2001

    Edward> Hi I am trying t find a tol that do code analysis on program in
    Edward> python.  where can I find it?  I am using Python 1.5.2

Well, I once modified the code profiler to do statement coverage. Go here:

and search for "test coverage tool".  Take a look here:

to get an idea of the sort of output it generates.  At one point I was cvs
up'ing from the Python CVS repository each night and generating browsable C
and Python statement coverage output, which is available here:

This little project used the above Python statement coverage generator as
well as gprof and some glue scripts to generate the output you see.  It
wasn't perfect, but still useful.  I don't have the spare CPU cycles on that
machine anymore to bear the extra load.

If someone would like to resurrect that, let me know.

Skip Montanaro (skip at

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