OOP in Python

Jonas Bengtsson jonas.b at home.se
Wed Jun 20 23:31:17 CEST 2001

Thank you all for those terrific answers!!

btw. I find the interactive mode in *Python Shell* to be the best way
to get to know a programming language!

Python is great!

/Jonas B

jonas.b at home.se (Jonas Bengtsson) wrote in message news:<4e2ddb70.0106200954.11faa218 at posting.google.com>...
> Ok I admit - I am a Python-newbie!
> What about local variables and class variables when dealing with
> classes?
> With local vars I mean temporaryly used variables in a function. Will
> they be treated as 'normal' instance attributes? Do I have to delete
> them by myself when I'm leaving a function?
> With class vars I mean if many class instances of a class may share a
> variable. In C++ this is accomplished by a static variable. How do I
> do in Python?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jonas B

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