KDE and Windows

Patrick Wray pwxau at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jun 27 23:24:12 EDT 2001

"D-Man" <dsh8290 at rit.edu> wrote in message

> [...] However Qt is not free for Windows (as-is).

There is now a "free beer" version of Qt for Windows (released yesterday).
Unlike it's X11 cousin, it's binary only, and not GLP'd.

As I understand it, their licensing policy gives you these choices:

If you want to write open-source software for Windows, you can use the BSD
or Artistic License, or something similar. You can't use the GPL because
that would require you to distribute the Qt source. (If you want to go GPL,
just use the X11 version).

If you want to write closed-source freeware for Windows, you don't need to
buy a license.

If you want to write commercial software for Windows, either for sale or for
in-house use in a commercial setting, you obviously need to buy a commercial

Perhaps someone who IAL can clarify how this affects PyQT.

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