Win32 Installer on 2.1?

Benjamin Schollnick junkster at
Sun Jun 10 10:29:13 EDT 2001

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 gmcm at (Gordon McMillan) wrote:

> Matt Butler wrote: 
> [Benjamin Schollnick guesses Installer 4 works with 2.1]
> >Thanks for your response, I have actually not had a problem yet with
> >2.1, it's just that the readme omits 2.1 from the list of
> >configurations on which Installer has been tested.
> I'm finally testing with 2.1 (I use *lots* of C extensions in my work, and 
> recompiling for a new release of Python is a royal PITA).
> So far I've found some minor stuff in doing Windows version resources 
> (which slipped by me in testing Python 2.0, where it also fails). If anyone 
> needs that, drop me a note. Otherwise, I'll keep plugging and roll it into 
> 4a2.
> - Gordon


   I've noticed some oddities, which only seem to occur on 
   w95, w98, wme.... But on NT platform (w-Nt, W-2k) everything
   works fine...

   This might be related, but I haven't had a chance to actually
   go through and inspect everything to ensure that it is a INSTALLER
   error, or a Python / ActivateState Python issue...

         - Benjamin

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