not working in ActiveState Python 2.1

David Lees deblNonoNOspammy at
Fri Jun 22 21:26:53 EDT 2001

Yup, it was not getting the command line, because I was not calling the
cmdline 'init' function.  It works just fine when you add


david lees

Alan Miller wrote:
> David Lees (DavidLSpamNoNo at wrote:
> >when called with command line ' -x 3'
> >from a Linux version of Python 2.1 it works correctly. However, using
> >the same build (ActiveState) under windows NT, the command line option
> >is not recognized and 'b' has value zero.
> >
> >Any idea what is going on here?  I think this command line parser used
> >to work on older windows Python distributions.
> Are you sure it's getting the command line at all?  There was some
> discussion recently about the requirement to launch python programs on
> NT as "python -x 3" instead of just " -x 3" to get
> command line options passed correctly.
> ajm

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