PythonCard, wxPython, and Boa...

Ron Stephens rdsteph at
Fri Jun 22 00:25:58 CEST 2001

For those who offered suggestions, help etc. on my recent event-driven
gui programming questions thread, I have decided to intensively
concentrate on wxPython first. It just feels right, is highly
recommended, Robin Dunn is a great guy, and the wxPython toolkit will
probably be used in the potential "PythonCard" project that has arisen.

For those who might be interested in PythonCard, the idea only arose on
Sunday and was extensively discussed on this list. Since then, however,
discussion  had moved to a new Yahoo groups list at which has already been joined
by 16 people and has a lively discussion going, so if you are still
interested you will have to follow it over there rather than here. Just
go to the link and click "join" and follow the steps. Who knows what
will arise, if anything, but the basic idea is to create a Python-based
higher-level gui-creator, that will be easy to use and still powerful.

Since I really getting into wxPython, I am also diving into Boa
Constructor, since it uses wxPython. I am sure I will also learn Tkinter
by using the Programming Python book, but wxPython is just too enticing
for now... ;-)))))

Ron Stephens

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