Python scripting [was: Re: emacs speedbar for python mode?]

François Pinard pinard at
Tue Jun 26 07:57:44 EDT 2001

[Roman Suzi]

> The question was about Python scripting editor, though.

In my original message, I was dreaming to script Emacs with Python.  In the
resulting thread, someone suggested that Cool Edit could satisfy my dream.

> Emacs is at least 2 times older than Python and is in it's 20/21's
> versions.  No wonder it's different calibre!

It might not only be a question of age.  My feeling is that Cool Edit would
need re-orientation for becoming able to grow as featureful as Emacs is.

But once again, please do not take it as a criticism against Cool Edit.
Not at all.  I would warmly recommend it to friends working on X, as being
friendly, supporting Latin-1 and UTF-8 out of the box, and Python scriptable.
I also found the display to use especially legible default fonts.

François Pinard

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