best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

Attila Feher Attila.Feher at
Thu Jun 7 10:09:54 CEST 2001

Thomas Hansen wrote:
> > Now that was true in Hungary!  Maybe not today, but I doubt that big cos
> > changed a lot.  I said I want it w/o OS they said: no way.  MS
> > _forces_them_ to sell Windoze with every PC.  I said then I don't want a
> > HDD in it.  They say OK, then it costs +100USD.  I say: so long
> > suckers... and bought a PC from a "garage company".  The ridicul is that
> > I had highest possible MSDN and I was buying this SMP stuff for
> > development...  I already bought the OS for a lot of money from MS.
> > Actually _all_ OSs including the traditional Chinese versions...  And
> > now comes: the garage PC needed me to install a new vent into it for the
> > HDD was too hot...  So at least where I am you don't get a PC w/o MS OS.
> > :-(((
> >
> > A
> This is also true for Norway!!

So we can state it is true for at least 2 countries that "ignorant"
users do have MS opsys and some of them might have Mac, because this is
what they get ready-preinstalled and everywhere.  Of course: it may not
be true for everybody's target group but game manufacturers are very
unlikely to fail to work for Windows only in their 1st release.  BTW of
course this is not true for _any_ internet client application since
there the client can be literally anything - including really weird
devices...  And then most probably the only way is to go Java and even
there there will be the problem of which version of Java you can use...


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