formatting numbers

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Tue Jun 5 09:43:51 EDT 2001

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> Simple question.  I am accessing a database of job numbers that take the
> form of "00049" and "01049".  These values are integers.  When I return

But if the leading 0's are significant, why not just take them
as the strings they are?  That would be simplest.

> value from the database it reads "49".  I need to add the leading digits
> they are there so this number would read "00049".  In MSAccess I used
> Format(num,"00000").  How can I do that with Python?

Several ways are available, as already mentioned in various posts,
such as:
    "%0.5d" % 49

but the simplest code is that which isn't there, so if you
can just keep them as string you're better off!


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