Help installing pygtk, libglade in Windows - please

Frank Miles fpm at
Wed Jun 20 16:47:36 CEST 2001

I'm trying to install pygtk and libglade on a Win9x system.  The local
Windows guy advises me that it is necessary to edit the Windows registry
to install DLLs.  Is this truly the case with the DLLs associated with
these?  Unfortunatley I don't have the tools to build for Windows, so
was trying to use the binaries built for Windows; but these don't seem
to have any installers.  I've tried editing a written for another
program so that I could use distutils, but this hasn't worked.

Take pity on a Linux guy (it's _so_ much easier and simpler there)!
I'm developing my app on Linux, but (sigh) others in my organization
run Windows, and they have to be able to use it too...

Thanks for your help!


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