New library software development project.

Richard Snow snowrichard at
Sun Jun 24 12:06:00 CEST 2001

I'm looking for 2 types of people who might be interested in this

School librarians/staff
Python coders

and also possibly: junior or senior high school students who like to

hence the cross post.

A brief description of the project: An open source library circulation
system written in Python and running
on Linux. Handles patron records, book records, and checkouts
currently.  We might add other types of
records such as videos, audio tapes, and so on later.

The web page at describes the
project, and has source code in Python 1.5.2 for an initial version.  I
need some real users/testers who know  about libraries to help guide
further development.  The project will eventually be released under the
GPL.  Initially I'm targeting Linux as
it will run on inexpensive equipment however most schools may already
have Windows so a windows port
is not out of the question and Python is also available for Windows so
it should be fairly easily done.

However the first version uses the Unix Curses library for its user
interface, and runs on a linux console rather than the X windowing

The initial version has been developed/tested on Red Hat Linux 7.1 but
should also run on other Linux
systems that have Python, namely Debian, which some of the early work
was done on and I still have
available for testing purposes.

If you are interest in helping out or in using the code, please see the
web page and email me from there.

Richard Snow

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