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>>>humans should use a power of 2 as a base.  this is more logical because it
>>>synchs with binary, which is at the very heart of logic--true and false.  it is
>>>more natural perhaps, to use decimal--but logic should, and will, win out.
>>the main use of numbers is in numerical operations such as counting,
>>not logical ones
>>what would tbe he advantage in using powers of 2 be anyway? isn't the
>>idea of computers for them to do this kind of work for us?
> well we can have computers do our work easier since we'll be speaking on
> hexadecimal.

It's easier to make computers speak dec than make humans speak hex. How
many computers were taught to convert their results to dec? Almost all.
How many humans were taught hex? Probably less than a thousandth of a 
percent. Besides, computers are *already* taught, so going back now and
saying 'hey, lets now teach people and computers can forget the dec
stuff' - that's pretty illogical, eh? ;-)

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