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Fri Jun 1 20:52:43 CEST 2001

In article <mailman.991330188.3634.python-list at>, Laura Creighton wrote:

>As far as I know we INVENTED the things, on Genesis an LPMUD
>(they predate java at any rate who got from us).  Actually, 2
>people in this company invented them with one more guy who
>isn't part of this company (alas).  I was on the other side,
>actively opposing their adoption.  I was wrong.  So 2 people in
>this company have already made their significant contribution
>to the betterment of humanity.  And I nearly became unknown
>public enemy number one.

You invented embedded documentation?  Was this before Donald
Knuth came up with his tangle/weave stuff in the early 80's?

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