Python for win32 development, GUI, Database, dlls

Karel van der Walt kvdwalt at
Thu Jun 7 14:16:26 CEST 2001

I have been approached in a 'time to market situation'.

Python appears to me to be a strategic choice, however:

this is a number crunching application most numeric stuff in existing
(fortran) dll
the new development will entail a lot of visualization, pseudo GIS like,
animation (coloring of contours), plain media (digital picures, video) in
a rich interactive GUI

then all of this data in MS Access (what else?), with reports and graphs on
top of it. OK the latter can be in a reportwriter as long as one can call an
.exe with commandline parms from python) Integration with MS Office formats
(not ole automation) would be important (thus MS Access for imports

Any grave misgivings?

Any pointers?
Commercial libraries? However the exchange rate doesn't favour that :(

tx k

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