Using python interpreter over a network

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Thu Jun 28 14:38:11 EDT 2001

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<pjdurai at> writes
>I am trying to run a python script in a networked windows NT
>workstation. Python is not installed in this box.
>I have mapped another machine's (my win2k box) python (2.1)
>installation to the PATH of this NT box.
>I have set PYTHONHOME to Q:\Python   while Q: is  mapped to  
>\\my_nt_box\cdrive. I also have Q:\winnt\system32 in the current path
>(for python dll).
>Python seems to work under the circumstances. I can run the
>interpreter and do simple stuff.  But when I try to import some
>modules, it says it cant find those. 'win32net' for example.  I am not
>sure how to make it aware of the fact that everything is under
>Is it a requirement that python should be installed in the local
>machine? Or is there something (Env variable ? Registry ?) I can tweak
>to make this work.
>Appreciate your time.
try doing

import sys


on my home box this looks like
['', 'c:\\python\\pythonwin', 'c:\\python\\win32',
'c:\\python\\win32\\lib', 'c:\\python', 'c:\\python\\dlls',
'c:\\python\\lib', 'c:\\python\\lib\\plat-win', 'c:\\python\\lib\\lib-
tk', 'c:\\python\\numeric', 'c:\\python\\rgbx', 'c:\\python\\devel\\vide

(folded lines aside) and perhaps your python does the same. If that is
so, you need to do a conversion and replace the c: with q: for your
scripts to run. 
Robin Becker

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