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Thanks for the feedback, I will also look at PyQt and Qt Designer. Can you
tell me what I might need to run this on a Sun Solaris with OS 2.5.1? No
problem if you don't know. <g>


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> Doug Farrell <writeson at> wrote:
> > Alex,
> > Thank you very much for the great feedback on GUI's with Pyton. I
> > should have mentioned the utility program I write in C++ that is getting
> > GUI frontend run on Sun Solaris, so I'm not to concerned with cross
> > development, at least for this application. I'm kind of baised towards
> > wxPython as I've done some reading and downloaded the system and tried
> > demos. I will look at Tkinker as well since I have no knowledge of that
> > which to base a decision, as of yet anyway.
> > This last year I jumped ship from MS windows development and joined an
> > online group doing CGI on the Sun platform. After getting up to speed a
> > little bit on Unix/Linux I honestly can say I don't know why I waited so
> > long!! Windows falls short in many areas that Unix has in spades. Though
> > liked developing VC6, I didn't like all of the holes and 'guru only'
> > knowledge that was necessary to get a program to run well under Windows
> > MFC.
> If you're working on Unix then your choice is probably widest. For
> instance, PyQt, Qt and Qt Designer are absolutely free on Unix. In
> fact, someone with a developers license for Qt for Windows can
> distribute a compiled version of Qt Designer together with the
> source - it's GPL, after all. If you come from a C++ background I'd
> go with either wxPython or PyQt, since both translate nicely back and
> forth. You can even design the GUI in Qt Designer and generate both
> Python and C++ source code.
> --
> Boudewijn Rempt  |

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